Executive Diplomacy Training

A Seminar for Government Officials and International Affairs Professionals

The purpose of this comprehensive course is to equip government officials and international affairs professionals with foundational knowledge and skills in diplomatic practice.

The course offers practitioners’ insight into policy-making and implementation, diplomatic protocol, the functions and management of embassies and consulates, diplomatic reporting and analysis, negotiation and mediation, political and economic tradecraft, public diplomacy and cross-cultural communication and other skills and competencies. The course is a highly interactive experience, with role-playing and simulation exercises in small classes. It is taught by career ambassadors and other professional diplomats who have served in dozens of countries over several decades.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the in-person program is not being offered.
The two-week online program includes two 90-minute sessions per day (with one 30-minute break), Monday through Friday, for a total of 30 instruction hours. Except for taking place online, the course will be the same as the in-person version. The sessions will be held live in real time.


The fee for this course is $2,595 for government and nonprofit representatives, and $3,595 for participants from the business sector. The cost is the same for both the in-person and online programs. There are no other fees.


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