September 26, 2016



Diplomacy at the State and Local Levels
As U.S. cities and states increasingly conduct their own diplomacy with foreign counterparts, this three-day seminar is designed to prepare their officials engaged in international affairs to initiate, develop and improve programs and relationships abroad. Some of the most respected American diplomats in recent decades will provide an insider’s view of U.S. diplomacy, and how it can benefit the participants’ jurisdictions. Participants will also learn skills in negotiations, conflict-resolution, trade, political and economic tradecraft, and public diplomacy.

Diplomacy for Multinational Businesses
The offices of multinational companies around the world and their employees often engage in activities that resemble what diplomats do at embassies and consulates. This symposium is designed to help executives start or expand business in foreign countries, overcome regulation and trade barriers, and build and cultivate relationships abroad. Some of the most respected American diplomats in recent decades will provide an insider’s view of U.S. diplomacy, and how it can help businesses create jobs at home and strengthen the U.S. economy. Participants will hone their skills in negotiation, political and economic analysis, crisis-management, government relations and intercultural communication.

Ambassadorial Seminar
This seminar helps ambassadors to serve successfully as both the face of their nation and the leader of an effective embassy by providing them with the most useful and actionable knowledge and skills. It focuses both on big-picture strategies and goal-specific tactics, as well as both the behind-the-scenes and public roles of the effective ambassador. It addresses innovation and entrepreneurship in diplomacy.

Washington Embassy Seminar
This seminar prepares foreign diplomats to be successful in the United States by giving them the knowledge and skills to understand and navigate Washington and to get concrete things done. It explores and explains U.S. policy-making processes and government operations, as well as relevant channels of engagement with the diplomatic community in the conduct of foreign relations. It addresses the most pressing challenges of embassy work and gives diplomats the tools to tackle them.

Deputy Chief of Mission Seminar
This seminar prepares senior diplomats for what is arguably the most difficult job at an embassy — managing the mission while serving the ambassador. It focuses on skills to ensure conducive work environment, community safety, high morale, collaboration, effective performance, internal controls and resource-management, feedback and evaluations.

Entry-Level Seminar
This course introduces new diplomats to the fundamentals of diplomatic practice and prepares them for the challenges they will face during their initial assignments. It provides an overview of the current state of international relations, as well as insight into policy-making, the functions and management of embassies and consulates, the line between being a public official and a private citizen, immunities and other aspects of living abroad.