Custom Diplomacy Programs

Customized Diplomacy Training for Governments, Nonprofits and Businesses

Our customized programs — both in person and online — help organizations build a cadre of leaders with strong diplomacy skills, strategic vision and global outlook, who can tackle complex challenges and surmount persistent obstacles. Diplomacy is, above all, about influence, and our tailored learning and training experiences can improve institutional and individual capabilities, enhance performance and boost effectiveness.

Our approach combines the breadth of global knowledge with the depth of skills-based expertise in specific aspects of diplomatic practice in multicultural environments. Our team of successful diplomacy practitioners focuses on practical and real-world training, rather than theoretic lectures, that encourages innovation, creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. Our programs provide intensive and collaborative learning experiences that empower leaders and give them a competitive edge in a rapidly changing and interconnected world.

For national and local governments, our custom programs offer comprehensive systemic solutions to institution-building and workforce-management challenges, as well as specific blueprints in diplomacy training and career development. Our training curriculum can be highly tailored to your organization’s needs, in terms of both seniority levels and various specialties, such as political or economic tradecraft, public diplomacy, consular affairs or cyber diplomacy.
For nonprofits and businesses, our custom programs offer powerful tools ensuring that your executives have the expertise and skills to navigate complex government and diplomacy structures and bureaucracies, both in the United States and around the world. The programs, which cover such areas as government relations, negotiation, political and economic analysis, crisis-management and cross-cultural communication, can be delivered at our premises in Washington or at your headquarters.


If you are interested in our custom programs or have questions, send us a message using the form below or call us on +1-202-656-9828.


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