Move beyond theory and gain practical skills in diplomacy and international affairs

Learn from some of the best professional diplomats in the business

Join our growing alumni network in 16 countries on five continents

More than a dozen instructors teach what they practiced for decades

Ambassador Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley

“Diplomacy skills are important for all of us to ensure that we live in a safe world. This training is going to set all participants up for success. These skills will be useful in any professional endeavor.”

Ambassador William Burns

“Training for the next generation of diplomats is more important than ever. I hope very much that governments around the world will encourage and commit to the strengthening of diplomacy, so we can harness all of that talent.”

Thomas Countryman

“The future of peaceful international relations will depend on a shared dedication to the practice of diplomacy. The Washington International Diplomatic Academy teaches the set of skills and the mindset diplomats need to be successful.”

Ambassador Janice Jacobs

“The Academy’s unique setting, where students hear first-hand from long-time diplomacy practitioners and share their own experiences, generates a lot of valuable discussion and learning about the world of international diplomacy.”

Ambassador Earl Anthony Wayne

“It takes skilled diplomacy, both internationally and domestically, to formulate good policies and then carry them out. It’s a lot of fun to see the students grapple with some very complicated concepts in our sessions and exercises.”

Our trainees have diverse backgrounds and achievements

Selam Petersson, Sweden

“Going behind the scenes of what it means to be a diplomat and learning from such experienced diplomats was invaluable. You won’t get that until after 20 or 30 years of actually being a diplomat. This training will give you such details, which I don’t think you can gain anywhere else.”

Maksim Greinoman, Estonia

“I wanted to learn something that’s not in the books, and for that you need experienced diplomats. The American approach is more down-to-earth than the European approach. It was interesting to see how they influence people in difficult circumstances.”

Liberty Potter, United States

“I got exactly what I came here for. I’ve been given access to ambassadors to whom I would have not had access otherwise. The training has given me in-depth experiences, the opportunity to ask questions and get feedback and mentorship.”

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