May 18, 2017

Diplomacy Tours: Asia


The Past and Present of U.S. Diplomacy in Asia



March 18–29, 2019

American diplomacy played a crucial role in reshaping the security and economic architecture of the Asia-Pacific after World War II. Since then, it has continued to affect the region and the lives of its peoples.

From brutal dictatorships to democratic transitions to economic ups and downs, U.S. diplomats have witnessed and dealt with historic events and profound changes that have made the region the most dynamic in the world. Trace some of those changes and learn how they have affected your life at home. Visit spectacular sites and immerse yourself in rich cultures. Peek into what the future might hold for America’s relations with Asia and find out how U.S. diplomats protect your interests.

As you travel from country to country in a group of no more than 10 people, you will broaden your knowledge in lectures, briefings, field trips and social functions with American and Asian experts, political and business leaders, diplomats and journalists. Our schedule is fairly active, and you can expect to walk between 1 and 2 miles per day.

If you have ever wondered why the United States has maintained its broad and deep global engagement for so long, and if and how U.S. diplomacy contributes to freedom, security and prosperity at home, you have come to the right place.


Provisional Itinerary


Day 1

Departure from home city

Day 2

Arrival in Tokyo

Historical tour of central Tokyo

Welcome dinner

Day 3

Lecture: Challenges to U.S. diplomacy in Asia

Panel discussion: Trump’s impact on U.S. foreign policy in Asia and the Pacific

Panel discussion: The past and present of U.S. diplomacy in Japan

Field trip: Visit to the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

Day 4

Lecture: Japan’s foreign policy and leadership role in Asia

Field trip: Visit to the Diet (Parliament) and meeting with officials

Field trip: Visit to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and meeting with officials

Panel discussion: North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs

Panel discussion: How Japan views the United States

Day 5

Lecture: Japan’s defense capabilities

Field trip: Visit to the Tokyo National Museum

Panel discussion: The U.S. military presence and the future of security in the Pacific

Field trip: Visit to the Tokyo office of a U.S. company

Panel discussion: The state of U.S. trade and investment in Japan

Day 6

Flight to Osaka

Field trip: Visit to the National Museum of Art

Lecture: The changing landscape of Japanese politics

Field trip: Visit to the Osaka International Peace Center

Day 7

Lecture: Japan’s lasting cultural heritage

Field trip: Visit to historic temples in Kyoto

Day 8

Flight to Hong Kong

Panel discussion: Changes in Hong Kong since the 1997 handover to China

Field trip: Historical tour of central Hong Kong

Day 9

Lecture: Hong Kong’s complex relationship with China

Field trip: Visit to the Hong Kong Museum of History

Panel discussion: Will Hong Kong be a real democracy?

Day 10

Lecture: Hong Kong’s business and economic role in Asia

Field trip: Visit to the Legislative Council and meeting with officials

Panel discussion: Why should Americans care about Hong Kong?

Field trip: Visit to an NGO

Day 11

Lecture: China’s military buildup in the South China Sea

Field trip: Visit to the Hong Kong government and meeting with officials

Panel discussion: Media freedom and censorship

Field trip: Visit to a media organization

Day 12

Flights home

* A more detailed schedule will be provided to those enrolled in the program. We reserve the right to amend the schedule if circumstances demand.


Travel Details


Air travel: Economy airfare between cities in Asia is included in the program cost. Trans-Pacific airfare in not included. We can book your long-haul ticket for an additional charge or you can make your own way from your home city to Tokyo and back home from Hong Kong.

Accommodation: The program cost covers all accommodation at high-quality hotels, usually in the city center. The total cost quoted below is for double occupancy. For single occupancy, please add USD 1,500. Free wi-fi is included. You will be responsible only for any incidentals, such as mini-bar items and room service.

Meals: Most meals are also covered, including 10 breakfasts, 9 lunches and 7 dinners. In each of the three cities, you will have a dinner opportunity to explore the local cuisine on your own. Depending on the country, we may be able to accommodate the following meal choices when requested in advance: vegetarian, gluten-free, low-salt, low-fat.

Travel documents: Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the last program day. American citizens do not need visas for the countries you will visit. If you have a non-U.S. passport, you may need a visa. We can provide guidance on how to apply, but we do not offer visa services.

Trip insurance: Optional. Costs vary and are additional to the trip cost. We strongly recommend that you purchase this insurance to protect your travel investment. Once you reserve your trip, we will send you travel insurance information for consideration, although you are free to use any provider.

Cost & Deposit

We are committed to providing exceptional educational value at a reasonable cost. At the time of enrollment, only a deposit of USD 500 deposit is due. Once we have received it, we will contact you with more details, go over all specifics, answer your questions and collect the balance.

What’s included:

✓ Intra-Asia airfare
✓ Intra-Asia airport transfers
✓ 10 hotel nights
✓ 26 meals (10B, 9L, 7D)
✓ Ground transportation
✓ Entrance fees
✓ Expert-level group leader
✓ 8 expert-led lectures
✓ 17 expert-led field trips
✓ Local guides
✓ Taxes and gratuities

Cancellation fees:
61 days or more prior to start date: $500
30-60 days prior to start date: 50%
Fewer than 30 days prior to start date: 100%

What are the benefits:

✓ Unique, enriching and fun experiences
✓ Rare behind-the-scenes access
✓ Direct interaction with top experts
✓ Immersive learning opportunities
✓ Visits to historic and cultural sites
✓ Exciting and well-crafted itinerary

Total cost (double occupancy):

USD 6,650


Expression of Interest

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