Spring Semester Syllabi

Diplomatic and Foreign-Affairs Writing

Week 1: Diplomatic Cables: Political Reporting

Week 2: Diplomatic Cables: Economic Reporting

Week 3: Diplomatic Cables: Analysis and Call to Action

Week 4: Diplomatic Cables: Disagreement with Official Policy

Week 5: Instructions from Headquarters to Posts

Week 6: Note-Taking in Official Meetings

Week 7: Diplomatic Note and Note Verbale

Week 8: Aide Memoires and Non-Papers

Week 9: Memos and Briefing Papers

Week 10: Delivering a Démarche

Week 11: Op-Ed Writing

Week 12: Think-Tank Writing

Week 13: Final Exam

Diplomatic Negotiation and Mediation

Week 1: Key Negotiating Concepts

Week 2: Win-Lose Negotiations

Week 3: Win-Win Negotiations

Week 4: Building a Negotiating Strategy

Week 5: Selecting a Negotiating Team

Week 6: Aspiration, Reserve and BATNA

Week 7: Preparing for a Negotiation

Week 8: Shaping and Adjusting Arguments and Negotiating Positions

Week 9: Verification and Compliance with an Agreement

Week 10: Political Negotiations

Week 11: Trade Negotiations

Week 12: Conflict-Resolution and Risk-Reduction

Week 13: Final Exam

Serving As a Foreign-Policy Adviser and Policy-Maker

Week 1: The Role and Functions of a Foreign-Policy Adviser

Week 2: The Intricacies of Staffing a Principal

Week 3: The Challenges of Making Policy

Week 4: Managing the Interagency Policy Process

Week 5: Relations with the Legislative Branch

Week 6: Partnerships with the Military

Week 7: Partnerships with Intelligence Agencies

Week 8: Case Study: Development and Foreign Assistance

Week 9: Case Study: International Security and Arms Control

Week 10: Case Study: Democracy and Human Rights

Week 11: Case Study: Migration and Refugees

Week 12: Case Study: Counter-Terrorism and Law-Enforcement

Week 13: Final Exam

Persuasion, Influence and Power-Projection

Week 1: Principles and Techniques of Effective Persuasion

Week 2: Influence in Diplomacy, Statecraft and International Relations

Week 3: Influencing a Single Foreign Representative

Week 4: Influencing a Group of People in a Foreign Country

Week 5: Influencing a Foreign Country

Week 6: Influencing a Group of Countries in an International Organization

Week 7: Ethical Challenges in Exercising Influence

Week 8: Tools of Hard and Soft Power

Week 9: Case Study: Projecting Power in Europe

Week 10: Case Study: Projecting Power in Asia

Week 11: Case Study: Projecting Power in Africa and the Middle East

Week 12: Case Study: Projecting Power in the Americas

Week 13: Final Exam

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